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When searching for a room on line we recommend you put just your requested arrival date and length of stay.

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To reserve an online reservation with a special simply put your special "Source Code" in the "How Heard" field. The discounted rate will NOT be shown on line. When the Reservation Department sees your discounted Source Code in the How Heard field the rate will be adjusted and a corrected reservation confirmation will be emailed to you within 24 hours.
Please note that while you will be assigned a room number at time of booking, this may not be the exact room you will get upon arrival. However, we will do our best to meet all requests.

About selecting your condominium suite at Village by the Sea: We are a three floor condo-suite property, the selection of your room should be considered for your best enjoyment. Families with young children often enjoy ground floor units with a patio and convenient access to the outdoors. For a quieter stay, not having noise and neighbors above you, we recommend the 3rd floor, keeping in mind we do not have an elevator, so this requires stairs. Please be aware, our property was originally constructed in the 1980’s, wood-frame construction, and does not have the sound proofing of today’s more modern hotels. Additionally, our homes are individually owned so decor will vary from one unit to the next.
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