WE ARE HAVING TECHNICAL ISSUES WITH ONLINE BOOKING. IF YOU BOOK A HOME AND ARE GIVEN AN ERROR MSG, PLEASE CONTACT US. IT USUALLY BOOKS IT FOR YOU BUT THEN TELLS YOU IT ISN'T AVAILABLE. WE ARE WORKING HARD TO FIX THIS. ** MINIMUM STAY REQUIREMENTS: All homes have a five night minimum late June through Labor Day. Holidays are usually a three night minimum, Christmas/New Years is five, Thanksgiving is four. For all other dates, a two night stay is fine, just ask :-) *Ocean front homes: when not a five night minimum, are a four night minimum.*The nightly rates vary by number of people. This online booking service can only quote rates for the "base" rate, which is the lowest rate(generally for 1-2 people). The printout you receive from this site will reflect this rate, regardless of how many people you tell it you have. When we receive your reservation request, we will immediately update the amounts and email them to you. * You will find detailed prices on our home page( cambriavacationrentals.com). Once you have made your reservation request, we will contact you within 48 hours to confirm your reservation. If no rate changes need to be made, we will put your $220-$520 down payment on your credit card and mail you your confirmation packet. *Your reservation is considered "tentative" until we have confirmed it with your down payment.*
Thank you!!!
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